2020 Community Award Categories

Young Person of The Year

This award aims to recognise those under 25 making a positive impact in the community.
The nominee should have done something exceptional during the last 12 months, using a positive attitude and approach to become a role model for other young people in the County.

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Volunteer Of The Year

This award aims to an individual who has made a difference to their community and the lives of others through volunteering.
With over 500 voluntary organisations in the Vale of Glamorgan, the sector is vital to many within our community.
Nominees will be somebody who gives up their own time to help others with no financial gain.

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Teacher Of The Year

This award recognises a teacher, lecturer or learning support assistant who goes above the call to support the needs of their pupils.
The award aims to recognise an individual that brings learning to life by engaging their pupils to fulfil their potential. Not just a teacher, nominees should be someone who inspires, encourages and motivates pupils.
Nominees need to have been working as a teacher for at least 12 months.

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Sports Star of The Year

This award aims to an individual who has made a significant contribution in their respective sport.
Nominees can be of any age or ability.

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Community Event of the Year

Thousands of events take place across the Vale of Glamorgan each year and no matter their size, they are all an important part of the Community we serve.
This award helps recognise events which involve the community, break down barriers, promote tourism or simply entertain those which it intends to serve.
This award is open to all events, free or paid.

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Triumph Over Adversity Award

Do you know someone who has been through a difficult time, but has still come out on top?
This award recognises an individual who has taught us a lesson in being thankful for what we have.
A person who has fought against the odds and come out smiling with a new lease of life.

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The Charity Award

The Charity Award is to recognise an Organisation or Registered Charity that our community couldn't live without. Nominees must be a local organisation with charitable aims and objectives working in the Vale of Glamorgan.
Charities come in all shapes and sizes, from those that work with children who have learning difficulties or physical disabilities, an animal welfare charity or those who support individuals suffering with mental health.
These are all organisations that are truly special and many of us depend on.

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Business of the Year

This award aims to recognise a business that works to make a difference in their community without regard for financial reward.
This could be for a contribution to charities or fundraising, its work supporting young people with work experience, training or apprenticeships or simply what it gives back to local people.

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Bro Radio's Good Egg Award

This award aims to celebrate an all-round good egg.
A 'Good Egg' is an individual who goes to eggstrondinary lengths to help and support their community, charity or colleagues without looking for recognition. It could be your neighbour, best friend, colleague or boss.
Do you know someone who strives to make the community a better place or someone who made a significant contribution to their community?
We want to thank an individual who always puts themselves before others and let them know that their time does not go unrecognised.

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