About Bro Radio's Community Awards

This year we are giving you the opportunity to have you say in the category of Community Event of the Year.

Community Event of the Year recognises events, no matter their size and the important part they play in the local communities. In their own way, each of our finalists involve the community, break down barriers, promote tourism or simply entertain those which it intends to serve.

The sponsors of the category, Barry Round Table and Bro Radio have made the decision to let the Community who support each of these events have the final say on who should win.

Votes via the Bro Radio website will be combined 50/50 with the scores of our judges to determine the winner of the 2020 Community Event of the Year.

Due to issues with an earlier voting system, a new system has been implemented below.

Terms and conditions:

Votes are open until 11:59pm on Saturday 29th February
Total votes will be combined 50/50 with the total judges scores to determine the category winner.
The winner will be unveiled on Saturday 21st March 2020 at Bro Radio's Community Awards.
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